Agent Frequently Asked Questions


how do I accept a booking?

You can accept a booking by responding to a notification sent on our agent app. Once accepted, you can start making your way to the booking or for a pre-booking, it can be added to your calendar. 

What vehicles do Monochrome accept?

We accept a wide range of vehicles. We accept Saloons, SUV's, MPV's, Multi-purpose vehicles as well as 8 seater minibuses. Generally, we accept vehicles under 8 years old however, whats important is the general vehicle condition.

For London, we currently only accept vehicles with tinted rear windows and only accept colours Black, White, Grey or Silver. 

For Nigeria, We accept all models and makes, the condition is most important

What cities do you operate in?

We currently operate in London, Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Owerri, Port harcourt and Accra.

What are monochrome's off peak and peak hours.

We have standard fare prices which don't change often. We do not increase our fare prices based on demand.

HI have just applied to be an agent, how long does it take to get back to me?

This proces can take anywhere between 24-72 hours to get a response from Monochrome.

Someone has left something in my car, what should I do?

If you think you’ve recovered a lost item, please be in contact with the customer if you feel it can be returned straight away. If not, you should be in contact with us straight away and we will attempt to be in contact with the rider. Please use the support function in your agent app.

What is your cancellation policy?.

If you have been on the way to your pick up for more than 5 minutes when the rider cancels the journey, the rider will be charged a cancellation charge. Cancellation charges vary for different vehicle classes. However, if the rider has been waiting for more than the specified time over the original estimated time of arrival (may be due to traffic conditions), the rider will not be charged. All cancellation fees are subject to Monochromes fees. Where a rider selects the cash option, please note that it will not be possible for us to recover any cancellation fees on your behalf.

I have a query, how do I contact Monochrome?

Please submit a query via the 'support' function through your app or chat with us through chat support where we can point you to the right direction. For emergencies, please call us on 0208 013 3001.

What should I do if a rider asks for a receipt?.

Riders may request a receipt from you once the journey has ended. You should provide a receipt for the services rendered as you are self-employed. However, if you are unable to, riders can request a receipt from us through the riders app, where we will provide one on your behalf. 

What time is your delivery services AVAILABLE?

Our Van/delivery department is open 7am to 10pm Mon to Sun. Riders can also can also pre-book services out of our opening hours, these pre-bookings can be accepted with notifications through the agent app.

what are monochrome's fees?

Monochrome's fees are currently 15-20% for new agents. We also have a program where you can earn more by taking part in our advertisement program. 

What are your delivery charges I would like to ask a question

Our Van/delivery charges for London vary and are calculated at a base fare price of £40 + £0.40p per KM + a time charge. The time charge begins when the driver has reached the pick up point and stops charging when the van is unloaded at the drop off point. The charge will therefore include loading and unloading time. The time charge will be added to the base fare, KM charge and a total amount will be charged. Our time charge is £0.50p per minute. *please note that the fare estimate provided at the beginning of the journey is only an estimate and will estimate the journey based on only the, (base fare + price per KM +estimated driving time to destination). Therefore, Waiting time is not taken into consideration when a fare estimate is provided at the beginning of the journey.

Where is your office?

We do not see drivers at an office, but will offer you as much online/offline support as possible.

Do you provide cars?

We currently do not provide cars for drivers


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