How to make a booking

*Once you open the app, the location pin will automatically pin point your location. To complete the booking:

  1.  Enter your desired drop off location either by entering an address or using the location pin to select a point on the map.

  2. Select ‘Get Fare Estimate’

  3. Select a payment method

  4. Add any valid promo

  5. Press ‘Request Ride’

*Our app will then connect you with a nearby driver.

‘Pre-book’ is a pre-booking service and can be used to schedule rides in the future.

  1. Enter your desired pick up and drop off location

  2. Select ‘Pre-Book’  on the home screen

  3. Select your desired date and time of your pick up

  4. Enter payment method

  5. Press ‘Request Ride’

*Your ride has now been scheduled and can be managed in 'my trips' under the menu.

How to view previous bookings

  1. Go to the menu

  2. Press ‘My Trips’

How to redeem a promo code

After selecting both your pick up and drop off location

  1. Click Request ride for immediate bookings and 'Pre-book' for a booking in advance.

Our app will take you to the next step where you choose your payment method

  1. Press ‘Add Promo’ and add your relevant promo code.

How to select/change a payment method

  1. Go to the main menu

  2. Press ‘Wallet’

  3. Select the desired payment method or add a new one

How to set my home address

  1. Go to the home screen

  2. Select the pick up or drop off

*It will take you to the next screen which will have the option to add a default home and work address

  1. Select ‘home’ or ‘Work’

  2. Add your desired address and save

How to edit my personal details?

  1. Go to the main menu

  2. Select ‘Profile’

  3. Scroll to the bottom and press ‘Edit’

  4. Make changes to your personal details and press ‘Save’

How to track my driver

  1. You will get a notification that your driver is on the way. You can track your driver on the home screen of your phone

How do I know which car is mine?

  1. On the map, when a driver has been assigned, his/her name, picture, car make, model and number plate will be displayed on the app.

How do I sign up?

  1. Open the app

  2. Press sign up

  3. Enter your personal details

  4. Press save.

  5. Alternatively, you can sign up through your Facebook account